Office Polices

How do I schedule an appointment?

We have appointment staff at our location to assist you in making an appointment. When you call, our appointment staff will ask you a few questions regarding your medical needs. This is to help us schedule the appropriate amount of time with the doctor. Giving thorough information when making the appointment may help you avoid having to schedule another appointment at a later time to address additional needs. Please have your insurance information available when you are calling to schedule your appointment. It is best to arrive ten minutes early for your appointments in order to complete or update patient information. We ask new patients to arrive thirty minutes early to fill out required information. If you arrive fifteen minutes late for a regularly scheduled appointment or five minutes late for a procedure you may be asked to reschedule at the physician’s discretion. If you must cancel an appointment, please call us as soon as you become aware that you are unable to keep it. We ask that you notify us at least 24 hours in advance. We would like to help you re-schedule, and your previous slot can then be given to another patient. (If you miss three or more appointments within one year without 24 hours prior notice,you may be dismissed as a patient from Cascade Family Practice.)

Do you accept walk-ins?

We realize that at times our patients have urgent needs that will not allow them to wait several days for an appointment. When these needs arise, please call our appointment line at 503-233-5273, and we will make every effort to get you in the same day.

What should I bring to my appointment?

All patients should bring a list of any medications they are currently taking, as well as their insurance card and their driver’s license when coming in for an appointment.

Do I need to send my old records prior to my first visit?

For annual exams or treating chronic medical issues, it is recommended that your previous medical records be available for our physician or nurse practitioner’s review. Knowing your complete medical history allows us to more readily identify the source of your medical problem and develop the appropriate treatment plan for you.

How can I receive a copy of my medical records?

Records may be transferred to another physician’s office or hospital as a complimentary service. There is a 50¢ per page fee for records copied for insurance, legal, and individual purposes. We must have a signed release before releasing patient records (see PDF link below for a printable form). Please allow 48-72 hours processing time.

      • Patient Records Release Form

How do I get my lab and test results?

Most lab and test results are available within 24 hours except in the case of a CT scan, MRI, pathology report or culture.  Once they are complete, they are added to our Electronic Medical Record and sent first to the Physician for review and follow-up. After the Physician reviews the report, it is available for the Medical Assistant, Nurse Practitioner or the Physician to communicate the results to you.

If, after 48 hours, you have NOT yet heard or been given the results of your lab test, please contact us and we should be able to have the nurse provide that information for you.

How are Prescription refills handled?

We will give you, at the time of your visit, 3-6 months of refills of your medication (depending on how much monitoring your condition requires). We do not routinely fill prescriptions over the phone; However, if you run out of your medication and forget to make an appointment, we will make an appointment for you and provide enough medication to make it to that appointment.

How do I contact someone after hours or in an emergency?

An on-call physician or nurse practitioner is available 24 hours, 365 days a year. After our normal office hours, you may contact them through our answering service at 503-299-1266. If you have a life threatening emergency, go to the emergency room nearest to you. The hospital Emergency Room Physician will contact your Cascade Family Practice Physician or Nurse Practitioner and they will jointly decide how to best treat your condition.

Are you accepting new patients?

Yes, we welcome new patients.  If you think you may wish to transfer your medical care to us, please stop in and get acquainted with us.

What are my patient Rights and Responsibilities?

Your Rights as a Patient:

    • At all times you have the right to be treated with respect and consideration.
    • You have the right to review the records pertaining to your medical care and to have the information explained or interpreted as necessary, except when restricted by law.
    • You have the right for your medical records and communications to be treated as confidential so as to protect your privacy.
    • Your physician or nurse practitioner should help you understand any information and options concerning the diagnosis and treatment of your medical condition.  You should also be informed of any risks involved before giving consent for such treatment.
    • You have the right to refuse treatment or to discontinue treatment within legal boundaries.  You will be informed of possible consequences should you refuse treatment.
    • You have the right to an explanation of your bill regardless of insurance status.
    • You have the right to make a formal complaint at any time you feel these rights have been neglected.
    • You have the right to have an advance directive concerning treatment or designation of a surrogate decision maker.

 Your Responsibilities as a Patient

    • You are responsible to provide us with accurate and current information regarding your past and present illnesses/complaints, hospitalizations, and medications, as well as your address, telephone numbers, and insurance information.
    • You are responsible to inform your physician or nurse practitioner if you do not understand the recommended treatment and to notify him/her of any changes in your condition.
    • You are responsible to follow physician’s instructions and to keep appointments as advised by your physician.
    • You are responsible to fulfill your financial obligations.
    • You are responsible to be considerate of other patients in the clinic and to treat our staff with courtesy and respect.

What We Provide

Here at Cascade Family Practice we are able to provide all of your basic medical care including: Complete Physicals, Well Baby Care, PAP Smears, Estrogen Implants, Bone Density, X-rays, Vasectomies, Holter Monitor, ECG, Body Fat Analysis, Basal Metabolic Rate and various lab tests. We also offer Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment for those with muscle and skeletal problems.

At Cascade Family Pracitce we do not refill medications over the phone. We will give you medication refills to last 3 to 6 months, at the time of your appointment, depending on your diagnosis. To provide the best medical care possible, we need to monitor your condition.

What is your financial policy?

We strive to keep our fees fair and competitive with our community. Cash or checks are accepted as payment for services.

We participate with many insurance plans. Co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles are due at the time of service. If we are a participating provider with your insurance company, we will file your insurance claims and accept payments from your insurance company.

In order to provide this service, we will need to verify health insurance coverage with the following information:

    •  name and address of insurance company
    • group number
    • subscriber’s and/or patient’s full name
    • subscriber’s and/or patient’s social security number
    • subscriber’s and/or patient’s insurance identification number
    • subscriber’s and/or patient’s place of employment
    • subscriber’s and/or patient’s correct address
    • subscriber’s and/or patient’s date of birth
    • We ask that you present your current insurance card

at each visit. In order to avoid billing problems, it is vital that you provide us with updated information as the changes occur. There may be times when the patient will be asked to file his/her own insurance claims or to follow up personally with the insurance company. If the insurance has not paid within 60 days, the outstanding balance will be considered patient responsibility and payment will be due at that time. New patients are required to pay the first visit in full at the time of service unless we are able to verify insurance eligibility and benefits before your appointment. A refund will be issued if the insurance pays for the visit. Non-insured patients will be asked to pay the balance in full as services are rendered or to make payment arrangements with the Business Office before receiving care. We do offer a prompt pay 25% discount for non-insured patients. At Cascade Family Practice, we endeavor to provide to our patients the best possible medical care. In return, we expect our patients to meet their financial obligations.

What are the advantages of a high-deductible insurance plan?

The annual cost for medical services is less than $2000 for more than 90% of the US population. So, high-deductible health insurance policies are often available that are very affordable. For example, a family might save nearly $5,000 per year in insurance premiums by purchasing a $2,000 deductible (per family member) insurance policy for $200/month.  The same policy with a $250 deductible is often around $600/month. So, the combination of a high deductible plan plus an annual physical combined with health savings account and virtual office visits is often a good value. Rates and policies vary widely by one’s health, employer, location, and age. We offer discounted fees if payment is made at time of service.